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  • Environmental reporting system

  • Monitoring and calculation of emissions

  • Environmental reporting system

  • Monitoring and calculation of emissions

  • 20 years of experience

  • 35 plants world wide are using Olicem’s ReportLoq DAHS
  • 20 years of experience

  • 35 plants world wide are using Olicem’s ReportLoq DAHS

Environmental monitoring and reporting

 – in one package

Reporting airborne emissions to the environmental authorities has never been easier. ReportLoq is built for plants that must report according to the international standards EN 17255 and EN 14181, and works with all types of AMS equipment and control systems.

Let ReportLoq collect and calculate your emissions, and at the same time get a tool to avoid environmental exceedances in one and the same system.

  • Environmental reports – over 60 reports in PDF and Excel format

  • Monitoring in real time – Monitor normalised and corrected environmental values

  • Online access – Bring your emissions to the cloud and gain access wherever you are

ReportLoq is the complete MCERTS certified emission reporting solution – no matter what type of combustion plant you are running and what type of measuring device you want to connect.

ReportLoq’s built-in functions ensure that you can make correct tax reporting of e.g. NOx and CO2, and that you at the same time can comply with the plant’s conditions and remain below emission limits.

Our vision

At Olicem, we want to make difficult legal material easy to work with. The standards for emission calculations and reporting are therefore directly built into the DAHS system, which means that you can spend time operating your plant, rather than having to spend time dealing with complicated legislation.

All-in-a-box or exclusively software

The ReportLoq system can be delivered “all-in-a-box” with everything you need. Including hardware with protocols for data collection and with ReportLoq pre-installed. This makes it easy to integrate ReportLoq with the plant’s other systems, and provides a good user experience.

Another option is a clean software package for installation in your own server park. This means that you do not have to purchase and maintain extra hardware to successfully integrate ReportLoq.

Regardless of the chosen solution, we promise that ReportLoq will be an excellent choice for your emission reporting.

ReportLoq DAHS
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Solutions created from experience

SOLID FOUNDATION – At Olicem A/S, we have more than 20 years of experience with development and environmental reporting solutions for incineration plants. We have commissioned more than 30 plants worldwide, and build our products based on the experience each commissioning has given us.

STRONG PARTNER – Olicem participates in both national and international working groups. Including CEN/TC 264 – Air quality, which makes recommendations regarding standardization work within air quality. This means that we know the standards before they are published, and that our systems are specially tailored to comply with the legislation within tax reporting and directives regarding incinerate waste or biofuel.

COMPETENT ADVICE – Olicem’s specialists regularly solve tasks for companies that need sparring or training in environmental reporting. Including e.g. understanding of environmental requirements, documentation of the company’s workflows and handling of environmental analysers, reading accredited environmental reports and other issues within the airborne emissions area.

MCERTS CERTIFIED – ReportLoq DAHS is made for you, and built by us. We always deliver high quality products, and have in 2019 MCERTS certified ReportLoq. The certification of the DAHS system ensures that the quality of the analyser is extended to the reporting system.

TESTED IN ADVANCE – ReportLoq DAHS is built once and deployed everywhere. The result is safe and easy installation as well as high reliability. Each version is exposed to +2.8 million. automatic tests prior to verification by our trusted technicians.

More about us


Over the last 10 years, ReportLoq has been sold to more than 35 customers in 8 countries. Our customers are waste incineration plants, large combustion plants, cement plants, lime producers, beet factories and other large incineration plants. Are you on the list? Let us read your environmental approval and see if ReportLoq is the right choice for you.


Reporting according to the waste incineration directive

Large combustion

Reporting for large combustion plants can be tile, biomass or other incineration plants over 50MW

NOx reporting

Do you need NOreporting or surveillance of medium or unmanned facilities?

Data collection

Do you need data collection? ReportLoq can do much more than just emissions!


News and focus on environmental legislation

Cutting off measured values

ReportLoq supports cutting of measurements as described in EN 15267-3. This will prevent you from exceeding the hourly average even if you are using digital signals.

Balanced confidence intervals

If you use more than one type of fuel, you probably also need to use weighted confidence intervals, which are based on fuel flow. We've built it into ReportLoq so it's easy for you to use!

Valid calibration interval

Unfortunately, it is a big task for plant owners to report whether the plant's AMS measurements are within the valid calibration range. ReportLoq makes it easy with targeted tools.

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