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A complete solution

Reporting airborne emissions to the environmental authorities has never been easier. ReportLoq is built for systems that must report according to the international standards EN 17255 and EN 14181, and works with all types of AMS equipment and control systems.

Let ReportLoq collect and calculate your emissions, and at the same time get a tool to avoid environmental overruns in one and the same system.

  • Environmental reports – over 60 reports in PDF and Excel format

  • Monitoring in real time – Monitor normalised and corrected environmental values

  • Online access – Bring your emissions to the cloud and gain access wherever you are

ReportLoq is the complete MCERTS certified emission reporting solution – no matter what type of combustion plant you are running.

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Reporting according to the waste incineration directive

Large combustion

Reporting for large combustion plants can be tile, biomass or other incineration plants over 50MW

NOx reporting

Do you need NOreporting or surveillance of medium or unmanned facilities?

Data collection

Do you need data collection? ReportLoq can do much more than just emissions!










News, technical tips and focus on environmental legislation

Cutting off measured values

ReportLoq supports cutting of measurements as described in EN 15267-3. This will prevent you from exceeding the hourly average even if you are using digital signals.

Balanced confidence intervals

If you use more than one type of fuel, you probably also need to use weighted confidence intervals, which are based on fuel flow. We've built it into ReportLoq so it's easy for you to use!

Valid calibration interval

Unfortunately, it is a big task for plant owners to report whether the plant's AMS measurements are within the valid calibration range. ReportLoq makes it easy with targeted tools.

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“ReportLoq is an excellent system. Taking the time we have saved into account, we should have had this 10 years ago.”



Over the last 6 years, ReportLoq has been sold to more than 25 customers in 8 countries. Our customers are waste incineration plants, large combustion plants, cement plants, lime producers, beet factories and other large incineration plants. Are you on the list? Let us read your environmental approval and see if ReportLoq is the right choice for you.

Safe environmental reporting

We specialise in the delivery of high quality in complex environments

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