Each ReportLoq+ installation consists of three elements

The combinations of the three elements are many and depend on your requirements for uptime, IT security, existing infrastructure and access to support.
The complete system is also called a Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS).

Concept - ReportLoq

Data collector

The data collector can be connected to the Automatic Measurement System (AMS) and the control system and is responsible for the collection of all environmental data. It is recommended to place the data collector close to the source of data to reduce the least risk of data loss due to wire break. The data collector stores data for 30 days and has the task of collecting data as well as acting as a link between AMS and control system.

The data collector is a Beckhoff CX5130 and comes pre-installed with ReportLoq software built for data collection and exchange of data with control systems. Supported protocols include Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, Hardwired 4-20, OPC UA, Ethernet TCP.

The highest level of security is achieved with two data collectors. This does not interrupt data collection if one device sets out.

Beckhoff CX5130

Environmental calculator

All environmental calculations are carried out in a ReportLoq server. The server can be:

  • Placed on own ground – ReportLoq+
  • In Olicem’s data centre – ReportLoq Cloud
  • A combination of both – ReportLoq+ Cloud

The server provided can be of the following types:

  • Rack server (Default: Dell)
  • Virtual server (OVA image)
  • Beckhoff IPC C6920 (incl. Embedded data collector)

Rack server
The supplied rack server comes with redundant disks with a hot spare (RAID 1 + 1). This means that you have an extra disk that quickly takes over in the event of a failure on one of the primary disks. The server also has redundant power supplies.

Pros: Redundancy on the hardware that usually fails in a server.

Virtual server
When selecting a virtual server, an OVA image comes with Windows Server edition and ReportLoq software for insertion into an existing data center.

Benefits: Ability to use existing data center with patching, backup, failover and monitoring.

Beckhoff IPC C6920
The IPC is an Industrial PC provided by Beckhoff which combines the ReportLoq server with the data collector into one piece of hardware.

Advantages: Lower cost due to less hardware. Easy to apply to installations without server room, since the IPC sits directly in the equipment board.

Dell rack server

Rack server

Beckhoff IPC C6920

Encryption module

All ReportLoq+ versions include a encryption module that ensures a secure connection between the local ReportLoq equipment and Olicem’s data centre.

The connection is used to patch and update ReportLoq and at the same time creates a secure data transfer tunnel when using the cloud-based versions of ReportLoq.

A Secomea Sitemanager which connects to https://gm.olicem.com is used for this purpose. Therefore, only one outbound connection is required through the firewall on TCP port 443 for the module to work.

After commissioning, the offline versions of ReportLoq can be disconnected from the Internet. Site managers used in the cloud-based ReportLoq versions must always be online as they continuously upload logged data to Olicem’s data centre for further processing.

ReportLoq Pure Cloud
The Pure Cloud version of ReportLoq comes with a Secomea Sitemanager Embedded. This means that the hardware module has been replaced with a software version that is installed directly on the data collector. This makes the solution simpler and at the same time lowers the price.

Data centre

All versions of ReportLoq are connected to the data centre. The connection is required to keep ReportLoq up-to-date and to change reporting requirements. The local ReportLoq environmental calculator is still functional if the connection is lost. However, ReportLoq cannot be updated.

In addition to updates, ReportLoq+ Cloud and ReportLoq Pure Cloud both make use of Olicem’s data centre for environmental calculations. Data is uploaded encrypted to the centre and accessed via https://www.reportloq.com. The upload is automatic and supports caching when disconnecting.

The connection between the local ReportLoq equipment (DAHS) and the data centre is via https://gm.olicem.com and is encrypted with unique X509 certificates.

All access to www.reportloq.com is protected by username and password and is under SSL encryption.

In the data centre, all data is continuously backed up and all servers are patched continuously.