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At Olicem, we have specialised in emissions reporting for the European market based on the EN 14181 standard. We produce emission reporting accordingly to the directives for:

  • Waste incineration plants – Incineration of solid or liquid waste

  • Large combustion plants – With a total rated thermal input of 50 MW and above

  • Other combustion plants – With the need for calculation and reporting of flue gas emissions

Olicems environmental reporting system ReportLoq is market-leading on the Danish market. The system is highly flexible and can be integrated with all types of analysis equipment.

Certified environmental reporting

Olicem aims to deliver certified environmental reporting systems to the European market. The company was founded in 2018 and took over the operation and maintenance of the reporting environment ReportLoq from FLSmidth, which developed and operated the system from 2012 to 2018. ReportLoq is:

  • Certified environmental reporting – MCERTS certified as the only Danish environmental reporting system

  • European-focused – Based on EN14181 and the regulations for waste and large combustion plants
  • Worldwide – Delivered worldwide as both online and offline systems

At Olicem, we have specialised in the Nordic market with a focus on national legislation. That makes us a strong partner in emissions reporting.

“In Denmark, there is no requirement for certification of environmental reporting systems. Only flue gas meters are subject to this requirement. It’s a shame as it means there is no certainty that the end product is correct – especially the reports. We can not accept this at Olicem. This is why our ReportLoq system is MCERTS certified. This is is our commitment to the customers about delivering products of extra high quality.”



What does it mean to report according to environmental requirements for waste incineration?

Large combustion

Reporting for large combustion plants can be tile, biomass or other incineration plants over 50MW


Do you need NOx reporting or monitoring of medium or unmanned installations?

Data collection

Do you need data collection? ReportLoq can do much more than just emissions!

Safe environmental reporting

We specialise in the delivery of high quality in complex environments

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