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At Olicem, we specialize in emissions reporting to the European market based on the EN 14181 standard. We do environmental reporting according to the directives for:

  • Waste incineration plant – Incineration of solid or liquid waste

  • Large combustion plants – With a total rated thermal input of 50 MW and above

  • Other incinerators – With the need for calculation and reporting of flue gas emissions

Olicem’s environmental reporting system ReportLoq is the market leader in the Danish market. The system is extremely flexible and can be integrated with all types of analysis equipment.

Certified environmental reporting

Olicem aims to provide certified environmental reporting systems to the European market. The company was founded in 2018 and took over operation and maintenance of the environmental reporting system ReportLoq from FLSmidth, which developed and operated the system from 2012 to 2018. ReportLoq is:

  • Certified environmental reporting – MCERTS-certified as the only Danish environmental reporting system

  • European focused – Based on EN14181 and the directives for waste incineration plants and large combustion plants
  • Worldwide – Delivered worldwide as both online and offline systems

At Olicem, we specialize in the Nordic market with a focus on national legislation. It makes us a strong partner.

The history

In 2012, Kenneth Vindum is hired by FLSmidth as a system developer to develop the replacement for FLSmidth’s environmental reporting system DataLoq. The new system is called ReportLoq.

Over the next 7 years until 2019, Kenneth Vindum will head the Environmental Reporting department at FLSmidth in Mariager, Denmark, and during the same period will join the Danish Standards S-154 reference group for airborne emissions to join the European Working Group 9 of CEN/TC264, which will later release the DAHS standard EN 17255. ReportLoq receives its first MCERTS certification in 2015

In 2018, FLSmidth decides to make its first product divestment in history and for strategic reasons sells ReportLoq to Kenneth, who will continue to run the product in the newly founded company Olicem ApS. The two parties agree that Olicem will continue to provide reporting solutions for FLSmidth’s future projects.

In January 2019, Kenneth buys the product ReportLoq from FLSmidth as agreed. All existing customers agree to the transfer, and Kenneth, together with project engineer Carsten Birkemose, leads the company through the first two years of the Corona epidemic. During this period, the number of systems delivered to utilities increases from 27 to 35. During the same period, the product matures to the EN 17255-1:2019 standard, published in 2019 and developed by CEN/TC264 working group 9. ReportLoq will be recertified under the MCERTS standard under Olicem’s name. During this period, the company grows by another employee to a total of three people.

In late 2021, Troels Skov Moestrup will join the ownership group as Sales Director, and Kenneth will continue as CEO. Over the next two years, together they increase the number of systems delivered from 35 to 61 plants and become the market leader in environmental reporting solutions in Denmark. At the same time, the company form is changed to a limited liability company. In 2022, the number of employees increases to 6 and the company moves to a new address at the CEMTEC business park at Majsmarken 1 in 9500 Hobro.

In early 2023, Olicem will have its first two foreign dealers in France and Sweden, and increases the number of supported languages in ReportLoq from three to six.


The vision is simple. Olicem A/S will be the leading DAHS supplier in Europe.

This is done by focusing on three elements

  1. Support for European legislation with a national touch – and in the user’s language
  2. Develop DAHS solutions with the widest possible support for environmental measurement equipment
  3. Adding additional value creation

The additional value creation is reflected in the fact that we at Olicem A/S have a constant focus on developing new features for ReportLoq that benefit both new and existing customers. In 2022, Olicem set an ambitious goal: to become the world’s first DAHS supplier to include CO2 data management directly in the DAHS solution. This includes support for functions such as CO2 fragmentation inventories, CO2 uncertainty calculations, CO2 quality assurance and support for CO2 capture plants.

“Quality is important to us at Olicem. Therefore, it is also gratifying that Denmark has decided that new environmental reporting systems must be certified and that old ones must be replaced with certified solutions over a number of years. We have been delivering MCERTS certified solutions since 2015, so we naturally welcome the decision. This brings the entire market up to par, to the benefit of all parties in the market.”


Waste incinerators

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Large Combustion Plant

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