ReportLoq as OEM product

If you are a reseller of Automatic Measuring Systems (AMS) or for other reasons have a customer who is in need of a Data Acquisition and Handling system (DAHS) to report measured values to the environmental authorities, ReportLoq is an obvious choice.

ReportLoq is an MCERTS-certified DAHS system that complies with EN 17255-1, EN 17255-2 and EN 14181. The system is suitable for reporting airborne emissions from e.g. large combustion plants or plants which incinerate waste for the environmental authorities.

To get started, you can contact us to get ReportLoq free for a trial for 60 days. Then you can see if the product fits your needs. It gives you a try-before-buy period where you have full functionality. You can install ReportLoq on Windows server 2016 / Windows 10 or later after receiving a link to the installer.


As a supplier of OEM products, you can choose any version of ReportLoq – as needed

  • ReportLoq Soft = Software only. (You do all the work yourself)
  • ReportLoq + = Software + hardware + configuration according to environmental approval (We do the work for you)
  • ReportLoq + Cloud / ReportLoq Pure Cloud = cloud-based versions available via (Here we also do the work for you + the end customer gets access to their data via the Internet)

The choice is up to you. However, only the software-based version of ReportLoq comes with a 60-day trial period. The cloud-based online solutions can be viewed and tested via our demo at

Interfaces / IO

The software-based version of ReportLoq only supports OPC UA. If you have AMS equipment that uses other forms of communication, you can install an OPC UA server and connect the equipment to it. ReportLoq can thereby retrieve all signals from the OPC UA server. ReportLoq + comes with a Data Collector, which supports a wide range of other protocols ( read more ).

Environmental setup

Any installation of ReportLoq must be set up in accordance with the applicable legislation for the plant on which ReportLoq is installed. We will send you a clarification form, which you must fill out and send back to us. Then we make a configuration file for you, which you can put on the ReportLoq installation. If you have chosen ReportLoq +, you can send us the environmental approval instead of the clarification form, after which we will read through and make a corresponding configuration file.

The configuration file can be used for multiple ReportLoq installations in case you have multiple clients with the same requirements and setup.

License keys

A license key is tied to the hardware on which it is installed and only works after online activation. Offline activation is also possible in special cases.

In addition to the actual license for ReportLoq, license keys also contain the maximum number of permitted combustion lines. If you have a plant with 4 chimneys, you must therefore use a license key, which covers the creation of all 4 chimneys in ReportLoq.

License keys can be purchased with multiple activations. If you have a customer segment that needs to use the same type of product in more than one place, you can advantageously buy license keys that cover activation of several ReportLoq installations. License keys with 5 or more activations can be issued. Contact us for price if it has your interest.

User interfaces

After loading the configuration file, ReportLoq itself generates the necessary user interfaces for you. This saves you the time of drawing and setting up user interfaces yourself. However, it is possible to set up a configurable dashboard if the customer has specific wishes. The dashboard can display real-time values, current calculations, warnings before and in case of exceedances, alarms and events.

Of standard included user interfaces, e.g. mentioned

  • The real-time display CEMS, which shows ongoing FLD corrections as well as calculations of STA and LTA values with warnings if these approach limit values
  • Trend display with the ability to trend FLD and LTA values on multiple axes
  • Report generation with Excel and PDF reports for day, month and year
  • Historical alarms, events and exceedances with comment function
  • Cockpit with a quick overview of the past week’s operation
  • Data extraction for CSV files for post-processing in 3rd party systems
  • … as well as many other smart features. See more in the product overview


Contact us to get a link to the installation program and get an example of an environmental configuration.

You can expect an answer no later than the next working day.

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