Continuous measurement of nitrogen oxides (NOx)

As the system generates large amounts of data over time, it can be a time consuming task to do NOx reporting when the reporting becomes continuous. Save yourself for a lot of trouble with the right reporting system.

Continuous measurements often means storing data every 10 seconds around the clock every day all 365 days a year. This is why the yearly  emissions report can turn out to be a large calculation to handle. Let ReportLoq do the work for you and monitor progress all year round using the internet-based access to your system.

We offer a solution which can be tailor made to fit your exact needs. This is some of the current options:

  • Limit values – ReportLoq can, if you need to stay below a certain limit value, document your emissions in an easy readable format

  • Unmanned plants – ReportLoq can in addition to the three main versions Core Pro and Enterprise be delivered in a “Lite” version without real time monitoring. This is well suited for unmanned plants

  • Tax reports – ReportLoq summarises your emissions in emitted kilos per day letting you easily settle NOtaxes

  • Normalisation and QAL – ReportLoq automatically normalises your measurements to reference conditions taking QAL2 and QAL3 into account

  • Web access – ReportLoq+ Pure Cloud is designed with remote access to measured data using This provides you with easy access your emissions where ever you are

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Lots of options

Easy to read reports

More than 30 rapports are available. Let us read your environmental permit and select the best ones for your needs.

Trend functions

Trend your data as raw or corrected, or aggregated values and view your emissions over a time span.


  • Entry of QAL2 as a/b values or mA

  • Entry of QAL3 values after analyzer validation with calibration gasses

  • Calculation of QAL3 using the CUSUM method according to EN 14181

  • Automatic appliance of QAL2+QAL3 values in aggregated values

  • Entry of QAL2 calibration interval with sub-sequential check for compliance of the AMS validity accordingly to EN 14181:2014 (E) 6.5

  • Completion of QAL reports

The placement of the measuring point and normal wear and tear are taken into account when using the QAL functions.

Email module

Have the emissions reports delivered every day by email.
It does not get easier.

Which version?

Function ReportLoq+ Pure Cloud ReportLoq+ ReportLoq+ Cloud
PDF reports
Trend functions
Data export to CSV
Online access
Email module
Monitor in real time
Local server with data visualisation

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