Reporting of NOx from AMS systems

ReportLoq Pure Cloud can be used to advantage by owners of AMS systems for measuring NOx. The system from Olicem calculates the NOx measurements in simple reports, so you never lose track. Owners of gas engines over 10MW are a good example of this after 2021.

These plants must measure via AMS, and therefore calculate hourly, daily and monthly values with correction and normalization of measured value.

Continuous AMS measurements of NOx are described in BEK. 1473 of 12/12/2017, and often means measurements every 10 seconds around the clock all 365 days of the year. Therefore, the annual statement of emissions can be a big calculation when everything has to be settled. Let ReportLoq know about the work and follow it all year round via the internet-based access to your system.

We offer a solution that can be tailored to your specific needs. Of possibilities, e.g. mentioned:

  • Limit values – If you need to stay below a certain limit value, ReportLoq can document your emissions in an easy-to-understand format

  • Unmanned works – In addition to the three main versions ReportLoq Soft, ReportLoq+ and ReportLoq+ Cloud can be delivered in a “Lite” version, ReportLoq Pure Cloud, without real-time monitoring. It’s smart for unmanned works

  • Tax reports – ReportLoq calculates your emissions in the number of kilos emitted per. day so you can easily settle NO x- charges.

  • Normalization and QAL – ReportLoq automatically normalizes your measurements to reference mode, taking into account QAL2 and QAL3

  • Web access – The cloud-based versions of ReportLoq are made with remote access to measured data via , so you can easily access your data wherever you are

Track your emissions online at

Lots of options

Clear reports

Possibility of more than 30 reports. Let us read through your environmental approval and select the best ones for your needs.

Trend features

Trend your data as raw or corrected or aggregated values and track emissions over time.


  • Entering QAL2 as a / b values or mA

  • Entering QAL3 values after checking systems with calibration gases

  • Calculation of QAL3 according to the CUSUM method, cf. EN 14181

  • Automatic application of QAL2 + QAL3 values in aggregate values

  • Entering the QAL2 calibration area with subsequent check for compliance with the calibration area, cf. EN 14181: 2014 (E) 6.5

  • Preparation of QAL reports

With the QAL functions, the location and wear of the measuring point on the meter over time are taken into account.

Email module

Get emission reports sent by email every day.
It does not get easier.

Which version?

Function ReportLoq Pure Cloud ReportLoq+ ReportLoq+ Cloud
PDF reports
Trend features
Data export to CSV
Online access
Email module
Real-time viewing
Local server with data visualization

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