CO2 reporting

Do not despair after having read Commission Directive 601/2012 regarding monitoring and reporting greenhouse gases. If you use the quality assured CO2 reporting from ReportLoq, you can file away your endless spreadsheets and spend your time on other things.

CO2 reporting includes a variety of requirements that you must fulfil if you are obligated to report greenhouse gases. Anyone who has tried to make these calculations knows just how much work is involved in producing a report that satisfies the requirements.

ReportLoq makes it easier for you. We make all the calculations and save you a lot of time!

We make sure to

  • Store your measurements for 10 years, so that within that period you can prove the operation of your installation

  • Calculate your measurements with appropriate corrections and QAL values

  • Post-calculate middle values for valid intervals throughout the year and adjust for sigma values

  • Replace interval values with more than 20% downtime with calculated mean values

  • Re-calculate kilo for interval values

  • Recalculate day and month values

  • Produce a straightforward and easily read report that satisfies the environmental reporting requirements

… all of this in accordance with Commission Directive No. 601/2012.

All you have to do is enter your email address, and we send you the completed report.

Are you reporting accordingly to the waste incineration directive ?

If you do, then you need to be aware that unfortunately you cannot use these calculations for CO2 reporting. The rules states that hourly averages must be used and that at least 80% of the measurements must be present. Furthermore, the replacement value for intervals which has been in calibration must be calculated across the entire year.
This means that you, in case you are reporting ½ hourly intervals, cannot use two interval values and add them to get an hourly average. The goodfactor value must be recalculated, which hinders this approach. The only correct way to it, is to calculate the hourly average based on the raw data set. COreporting from Olicem is therfor a brand new set of calculations which is based on your raw values and ends up with interval-, day- and month aggregations joined with kilo calculations.

Quality assurance

In order to provide you with correct measurements, we have designed an automated test system that checks that your calculations are done correctly and in accordance with current legislation. Every time we work on the system, it carries out more than 160,000 test procedures, ensuring that your measurements are accurate.

This automated test means that we can supply you with a high-quality product that you can feel secure in basing your reporting on.

Data storage

It is the responsibility of the operations manager to store all relevant data and information regarding emissions, calibrations, QAL- and outages for at least 10 years. This is stated in the Article 66 paragraph 1 of the commission regulation (EU) No 601/2012.

This means storing more than 630 million measurements during this period for an installation with 20 components (e.g. operation signals, water, oxygen, temperature, pressure, CO2, and much more). Added to this comes information about the analyser and plant status.

All versions of ReportLoq complies with these demands by making a daily local copy of your data.

ReportLoq+ Cloud

Enhance the security of the daily backup with an off-site backup, and let Olicem secure your data in the cloud. The ReportLoq+ Cloud solution secures your data if your own copy is lost. This is your guarantee for not loosing the data you are obligated to store for 10 years.


Please call us on +45 7010 2277 to receive a quote for CO2 reporting. We can provide the reporting solution as well as the analysing equipment that you will need.

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