CO2 reporting

Once you’ve read the Commission Regulation (No 601/2012) on monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gases, don’t worry. With ReportLoq’s new quality-assured CO2 report, you can archive your many spreadsheets and spend time on other tasks.

There are many carbon reporting requirements that you must meet if you are subject to greenhouse gas reporting. Anyone who has done the calculations knows how much work it can be to produce a report that meets the requirements.

ReportLoq makes it easier for you. We do all the calculations and save you a lot of time!

We make sure to

  • Save all your measurements for 10 years so that it can be verified how your plant has been running

  • Calculate your measurements with appropriate corrections and QAL values

  • Recalculate mean values for valid intervals over the whole year and adjust for sigma values

  • Replace interval values with more than 20% off time with the calculated mean values

  • Recalculate kilograms for interval values

  • Recalculate daily and monthly values

  • Produce a simple and clear report that complies with environmental reporting requirements

… all in accordance with Commission Regulation No 60/2012.

All you have to do is enter your email address and we’ll send you the report when it’s ready.

Are you reporting under the Waste Directive?

In this case, please note that unfortunately you cannot use the calculated values from here for CO2 reporting. The rules state that hourly values must be used for CO2 reporting and that min. 80% of the measurements must be present. Furthermore, the replacement value for intervals that have been in calibration must be calculated over the whole year.

For example, if you report. ½ hour intervals, this means that you cannot take two interval values and add them together to get one hour value, as both the validation of the interval and the goodness of fit factor must be converted. This can only be done correctly by calculating the hourly value from the raw data. CO2 reporting at Olicem is therefore a whole new set of calculations, starting from your raw values and ending up with interval, daily and monthly values with corresponding kilo-calculations.

Quality assurance

In order to provide you with correct measurements, we have created an automated test system that continuously checks that your calculations are performed correctly and in accordance with current legislation. Every time we work on the system, it undergoes over 160,000 tests, ensuring you correct measurements.

With this automated test, we can provide you with a high-quality product that you can feel confident reporting on.

Data storage

Commission Regulation (EU) No 601/2012 Article 66 (1) requires the operator to keep all relevant data and information for at least 10 years. Including all emission data, calibration information, QAL and downtime records.

For an installation with 20 components (e.g. operating signals, water, oxygen, temperature, pressure, CO2 and more), this means that over 630 million measurements will need to be stored over this period, each with associated meter and plant status information.

All versions of ReportLoq meet these requirements by making a local daily backup of your data.

ReportLoq+ Cloud

Extend the security of your daily local backup with an off-site backup and let Olicem secure your data in the cloud. In the ReportLoq+ Cloud solution, data is secured if your own copy is lost. This is your guarantee not to lose the data you are obliged to keep for 10 years.


Call us on +45 4035 8835 and get a quote for CO2 reporting. We can provide both the reporting solution and the analytical equipment you need.