Optional data collection

ReportLoq can be used for more than emissions collection

ReportLoq can collect point measurements at intervals from 10 sec. to 1 minute and prepare reports on the collected data.

Collected data can be viewed in reports or exported to CSV files as needed. Examples of “data” could be MW meters for energy production or consumption.

Measurements can be either spot or sawtooths. Contact us if you are in doubt about what to use in your case.

  • Trend – Follow your values as a raw, hourly, daily or monthly average

  • Export – Retrieve your data as .CSV files

  • Reports – Generate interval reports such as shows today’s production

  • Real -time – View your data in real time, and track consumption or production as the day goes on

  • Web access – The cloud-based versions of ReportLoq are made with remote access to measured data via www.reportloq.com , so you can easily access your data wherever you are

Follow your measurements in ReportLoq’s real-time view

Test run ReportLoq

Register as a demo user at www.reportloq.com

We call the real-time viewing CEMS;)

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