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Emissions reporting from Olicem for airborne emissions are available in three versions. You will get a solution which is compliant to current legislation no matter what you choose. This is applies for EN 14 181, WID, LCPD and IED.

Which version?


  • CEMS monitoring in real time

  • Preventive calculations

  • Repporting accordinly to EN14181 and WID/LCPD/IED

  • QAL module with QAL2 and QAL3 input

  • Trend module with historical features

  • Historic alarms and exceedances

  • Validated calculations for use in SRO

  • Local backup

  • Recalculation module

  • Time synchronization of DAHS

  • Support for tax reports

  • Support for CO2 reporting

  • Support for CO cut off


Like Core, plus:

  • Data export to CSV

  • Cockpit with quick overview

  • Combined overview over incineration lines

  • Configurable dashboard


Like Pro, plus:

  • Online access to

  • DAHS diagnostics

  • Remote backup

  • Email service module

  • Data substitution

  • Support for the Smoke Gas Method

  • Support for custom reports

  • Support for manual data input


Full flexibility in your everyday life


  • Secure internet access using

  • Avoid data loss with backup of all emissions in the cloud

  • Minimize downtime and get fast assistance in case of errors using DASH diagnostics

  • Save the trouble and receive the days reports in an email

  • Datasubstitution – just in case

The most sold solution

Correct reporting

Reporting to the authorities are easiest when the reports reflect the reality.

ReportLoq Enterprise grants you the option of fixing errors in the past, if an accident should occur. Was the incineration shut down and the environmental reporting not stopped, and where exceedances therefor detected? Was a QAL incorrectly entered? Has a signal been scaled wrong? ReportLoq Enterprise provides the option for datasubstitution. Here data can be fixed and recalculated so your reports are correct again.


The package for larger facilities


  • Optimised for several combustion lines

  • Export of measurements to CSV for use in eg. QAL2

  • Cockpit for the company’s environmental officer

The preferred choice for larger plants without the possibility of an internet connection


The basic package for smaller plants


  • Delivered with a local server

  • Internet is not required

  • Can handle any kind of analysis equipment

  • Complies with EN14181 and BEK 513/1309

  • MCERTS approved

Recommended for plants with a single combustion line and no need for data export

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“There are many things to consider when buying environmental reporting. In 2017 I published a short article on LinkedIn on the subject. I hope this can be of further inspiration to you.”


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