Environmental Reporting According to the Large Combustion Plant Directive

Reporting according to the Large Combustion Plant Directive? ReportLoq is the obvious choice for you.
Here you will find all the required reports, support for EN 14181, the QAL system, normalisation to reference conditions and much more.
ReportLoq as support for LCPD and IED.

ReportLoq has all the required reports when reporting accordingly to LCPD. The Reports can be downloaded as PDF and Excel and provides the overview you need. You can even receive the reports in an email, so you do not have to log in every day to download them.

Reports designed for LCPD includes:

  • Interval – Aggregated validated measurements on hour, day and month basis. Provides an overview of the current operations with quick identification of exceeded intervals.
  • Green values – The report is used as input for tax reporting and contains STA and LTA values without deduction of the confidence interval and with replacement of the highest possible STA values one week back
  • Tax – The report can be used when paying taxes and contains calculations of discharged kilogram per day/month/year
  • Exceedance, A-column – The A-column report is a detailed summary of many types of exceedances. This applies to deviations over as well as under the limit value.
  • Exceedance, comment – The report is a detailed view of exceedances and comments grouped by date, cause and action
  • Exceedance, instant reporting – In case there is a requirement to report selected exceedances to the authorities within a short time frame, the instant report is applicable.
  • QAL values – The report shows QAL2 and QAL3 values grouped after the measured component
  • QAL2 Valid calibration interval – Weekly calculation of intervals measured outside the analysers valid calibration interval according to EN 14181: 2014 (E) 6.5
  • Cut off – ReportLoq can do “cut offs” in cases where you have high CO spikes measured on bus. The report serves as documentation for compliance with EN 17255-1 Annex C

Fully integrated QAL function

CUSUM calculations according to EN 14181

It doesn’t get any easier.

Monitoring emissions

Keep an eye on your emissions and avoid environmental exceedances.

ReportLoq’s easy-to-understand user interface gives you quick overview of whether you’re exceeding your limit values, by color coding possible exceedances before they occur. This feature provides the operators in the control room with a quick way to see if something is wrong, so they do not spend expensive time reading all measured values.

Exceedances and alarms are clearly displayed and can be forwarded to the control system as summing alarms.

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ReportLoq comes in three versions where ReportLoq+ and ReportLoq+ Cloud are especially suitable.

  • ReportLoq+ Cloud are our most sold solution for waste reporting
  • ReportLoq+ works without internet and is fully functional
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