Quality manual

Most companies with AMS equipment are familiar with the requirement for a quality manual. It describes how the AMS equipment is to be maintained over time, how environmental data must be reported to the authorities, and how environmental reporting and AMS must be operated. It is the path of operators and environmental staff to a common understanding of environmental reporting.

Olicem can help you with the preparation and maintenance of the quality manual. We read your environmental approval and familiarise ourselves with your AMS and workflows. We then prepare a quality manual for you, so that you do not have to prepare it from scratch.

We also offer to do an annual quality check of the quality manual, to make sure it is up to date. We look at whether there has been changes to AMS, new rules that mean new workflows, or whether there are other aspects that require changes to the handbook. The goal is for the manual to become a useful tool in everyday life that everyone can use if they work with AMS or environmental reporting.

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