Is your facility big, and must therefore:

  • Report emissions to the authorities?

  • Control the combustion to avoid environmental emission violations?

  • … and follow complicated legislation?

Let us help you

We specialise in emission reporting

Make it simple

  • EN 14181 – Quality Assurance of Automated Measuring Systems

  • WID – Waste Incineration Directive

  • LCPD – Large Combustion Plant Directive

  • EN 17255 – The upcoming DAHS standard

We have gathered it all in one system

– ReportLoq –


Collects your emissions and provides overview regardless of incineration facility type or measurement device

  • Easy to read PDF reports
  • Normalisation to reference conditions and QAL
  • Alarms prior to exceedances
  • Optional online solution using
  • Lots of features

Certified by MCERTS

Which version?

What is most important for you?